Creating a Company Website and Branding Strategy in One Month. Week 1- Update

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This is a month-long project that I am undertaking in July 2021 to create a company website and a branding strategy for a brand new company with no current image. Check out the project intro here.

Weekly goal

My main goal was to get everything as prepared as possible so that the rest of the month ran smoothly. For the most part, I had a pretty productive week, and I feel like I have, to some degree, completed that. Unfortunately, I’m definitely a procrastinator, and I ended up doing a lot of work at the last minute.


I did accomplish everything on my to-do list. As I said, this week was mostly meant for preparation. I worked out a lot of small details that make a big difference such as deciding website colors and style with the company owner.

I have a vision in place that I would like to carry out. I feel as prepared as I can be to really make something of this project during the next two weeks.

What to do differently

I can’t possibly tell myself this enough, DON’T PROCRASTINATE. I don’t have boatloads of time because I am working two jobs as well as Praxis, so some stuff will be put off until I can make time. I need to start making the very most of my slots of time and get as much done as possible.

Goals for next week

I hope to really work on making the most of the time I have and stop procrastinating. My plan for this is to start planning each day out, the night before. My hope is that this will keep me on track throughout the day better. I am also going to work on organizing my weeks better in general through consistent scheduling and planning.

Stay tuned to watch me complete my goals!





Podcaster| Praxis | Freelance Marketing |Chelsea F.C

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Katja Borger

Katja Borger

Podcaster| Praxis | Freelance Marketing |Chelsea F.C

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