Creating A Company Website and Branding Strategy in One Month. Week 2- Update

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This is a month-long project that I am undertaking in July 2021 to create a company website and a branding strategy for a brand new company with no current image.

Weekly goal

My main goal for this week was to organize my work time better and stop procrastinating. I do feel like I’ve done a better job of doing that. I did find that it works better for me to plan out a few days at a time, but anything over three days of planning gets me confused and I don’t end up following my plan.


The majority of my to-do list was website work. I have accomplished quite a bit on that front. Here is a sneak peek of what the home page will look like. Of course, anyone who has ever created a website knows that this is subject to change by the end of the project.

About the website design

Learning to code is part of my plan for the future but as for now, while I am learning, I just design using Wix.

Working alongside the owner of Borger International, we chose to use blue and silver to represent the company colors. Blue because it signifies trust, stability, and depth, and silver because it shows practicality, formality, and traditionalism.

I chose to use an NYC skyline as the main focal point of the website because it represents a feeling of something bigger and endless possibilities.

Goals for next week

Next week I need to focus on the next step in design for my website which is getting all of the other pages complete i.e blog, about us, etc. I hit a bit of a creative wall but that just requires some brainstorming.

As part of gaining visibility through branding, I’ve decided that I am going to write at least three blog posts so I can give the website a “used” feel. I need to decide on topics and get started on the posts.

Check back for next week’s progress report!





Podcaster| Praxis | Freelance Marketing |Chelsea F.C

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Katja Borger

Katja Borger

Podcaster| Praxis | Freelance Marketing |Chelsea F.C

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